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Fruit Pyrus Communis 'Anjou'
Common Name: Anjou Pear

Fruit Pyrus communis 'Bartlett'
Common Name: Bartlett Pear (Dwarf)
Large, yellow fruit with juicy flesh. Good for home use. Ripens late summer. Keeps well. Tree has compact growth habit....

Fruit Pyrus communis 'Beaute Flamanade'
Common Name: Flemish Beauty Pear
The hardiest cultivar available for colder areas. The tree is very productive and vigorous. Good self pollinator. High quality fruit. Susceptible to fire blight and scale....

Fruit Pyrus communis 'Chojuro'
Common Name: Chojuro Asian Pear
Round 3 to 4 inch asian pears are exceptionally crisp and juicy. Glossy green leaves on spreading tree that grows as wide as tall....

Fruit Pyrus communis 'Comice'
Common Name: Comice Pear
Sweet, aromatic, finely textured flesh with superb quality. Ripens late season. Self-fertile. Pollinate with Bartlett for best production....

Fruit Pyrus pyrifolia 'Shinseiki'
Common Name: Shinseiki Asian Pear