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Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'
Common Name: Pyramidal European Hornbeam
Broadly spreading, deciduous tree with sawtooth leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn. Bark is smooth, pale gray, fluted and fissured with age....

Pinus aristata 'Bristlecone'
Common Name: Bristlecone Pine
Very slow growing pine with short dark green needles. White pitch spots appear on the needles. Drought resistant. Bristlecone is the oldest living plant....

Pinus cembra 'Swiss Stone'
Common Name: Swiss Stone Pine
Silver cast short 5 needled pine. Very compact and dense branching plant. Grown from seed and very slow growing. Grows to 6' in 10 years....

Pinus densiflora 'Compacta'
Common Name: Compact Japanese Red Pine

Dwarf selection of Japanese Red Pine.  The green needles contrast nicely with the orangish bark.  The cones are yellowish brown.  Zone 3.


Pinus densiflora 'Oculis Draconis'
Common Name: Dragon Eye Pine

Needles have two yellow bands, giving branch tips an eye like appearance when veiwed end on. A very striking plant. Zone 4.


Pinus densiflora 'Pendula'
Common Name: Weeping Japanese red pine.

Rich dark green needles to 4" long.  Pendulous if staked, otherwise grows as a dense creeping carpet.  Zone 4-7.


Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera'
Common Name: Tanyosho Pine
Multi-trunked shrub-like pine. The branches form a flat topped umbrella like head. Densely arranged bright green needles. Grafted on a standard to make a striking special form plant....

Pinus densiformis 'Green Globe'
Common Name: Green Globe Japanese Red Pine

Deep green needles, dense global form. Slow growing.  Zone 4.



Pinus flexilis 'Joe Burke'
Common Name: 'Joe Burke' Limber Pine

Picturesque medium growing tree with green-blue, white striated needles.  To 50ft at maturity.  Pyramidal crown flattens with age.  Slender flexible twigs.  Egg shaped, tan colored cones.  Zone 4-7.

Pinus flexilis 'Nana'
Common Name: 'Nana' Dwarf Limber Pine

Very slow growing small tree with denser, bushier habit and shorter blue/green needles than species.


Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf Pyramid'
Common Name: Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine
Slow growing evergreen with slightly weeping branches clothed in blue-green needles. Excellent specimen or for use as bonsai....

Pinus heldreichii v. leucodermis
Common Name: Bosnian Red Cone Pine
Hardy, conical pine with green needles and striking white new shoots. Salt tolerant and adaptable. Provides a full and dense screen. Evergreen....

Pinus Koraiensis 'Morris Blue'
Common Name: Korean Pine Morris Blue

Pinus Mugo 'Aurea'
Common Name: Golden Mugho Pine

Pinus Mugo 'Gnom'
Common Name: Gnom Mugho Pine

Pinus mugo 'Pumilio'
Common Name: Dwarf Mugo Pine
Dense, low growing, multi-stemmed globular evergreen to 4'. Attractive green color. Very hardy. A popular dwarf-size pine....

Pinus nigra
Common Name: Austrian Pine
A dense, pyramidal tree with stout, spreading branches and long, dark green needles. Becomes flat-topped with attractive bark at maturity....

Pinus nigra 'Brepo'
Common Name: Brepo Dwarf Austrian Pine
Dense, low growing mound of bright, evergreen needles. Slow growing....

Pinus nigra 'Oregon Green'
Common Name: 'Oregon Green' Austrian Pine

This Austrian pine has very stiff needles, which means less drop in the summer.  During the spring bright white candles spike up against the dark green foliage.  8-10ft in 10 yrs.


Pinus parvifolia 'Glauca'
Common Name: Blue Japanese White Pine
Popular, wide-spreading evergreen tree with bluish green foliage. Makes a nice large specimen for any landscape....

Pinus strobiformis 'Glauca Compacta'
Common Name: Glauca Compacta Chihuahua White Pine

This slow growing pine will reach only 6ft in 10 years.  A compact grower with bluish-green needles.  Zone 4-7.


Pinus strobus 'Blue Shag'
Common Name: Blue Shag Dwarf White Pine
Soft texture and blue-green foliage make this dwarf pine perfect for large rock gardens or perennial borders. Plant away from drying winter winds....

Pinus strobus 'Fastigiata'
Common Name: Columnar White Pine
Stately, narrowly upright, columnar evergreen tree. Long, bluish-green needles give tree a fine-textured appearance. Excellent large specimen....

Pinus strobus 'Horsford's Dwarf'
Common Name: 'Horsford's Dwarf' Eastern White Pine

Low growing dwarf selection of Eastern White Pine features compact, globose, light green needles.  Very slow growing with mounding habit.  Zone 3.


Pinus strobus 'Nana'
Common Name: Nana Dwarf White Pine
Long soft blue-green needles. Very slow growing compact globular to irregular form. Will grow to 5' in width and 5' in height. Can be controlled by candle tipping....

Pinus strobus 'Pendula'
Common Name: Weeping White Pine
Long bluish green needles. Strong growing center leader requires training, side branches weeping. Will grow to 18" to 24" per year when established....

Pinus strobus 'Torulosa'
Common Name: Torulosa (Contorta) White Pine
Short twisted bluish green needles. Forms a columnar, sometimes irregular tree of character. More open crown than other selections. Grows 12' height in 10 years....

Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca Fastigiata'
Common Name: Blue Columnar Scotch Pine

This tree is very blue with an extreme columnar habit.  It can reach 45+ feet at its full height.  Zone 3.


Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca Nana'
Common Name: Dwarf Blue Scotch Pine
Slow growing evergreen shrub with blue-green needles and dwarf, compact growth habit. When grafted on a standard makes a striking specimen special form plant....

Pinus sylvestris 'Pom Pom'
Common Name:

Pinus sylvestris 'Sylvestris'
Common Name: Scotch Pine (species)

Conical in youth this tree flattens on top with age until it is as wide as tall.  Reaching up to 50 feet in height this makes it quite a large tree.  Needles are stiff, serrated, an green to blue green.  Zone 2.


Pinus Thunbergii 'Banshosho'
Common Name: Banshosho Japanese Black Pine
This selection of Japanese Black Pine has bright green needles. In winter, white candles contrast with foliage. Grows as a broad mound twice as wide as tall....

Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead'
Common Name: Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine
Dwarf form of Japanese Black Pine. Compact, dark green foliage. Striking silver candles provide contrast and winter interest. Upright, symmetrical habit. Slow growing....

Pinus thunbergii 'Yatsubusa'
Common Name: 'Yatsubusa' Japanese Black Pine