BR Rubus Amity ideaus 'Amity'

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Amity Red Raspberry

NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MAY 1, 2012. Large crops of sweet and juicy red berries. Strong, vigorous plant. Fruit is excellent for jams, jellies, desserts and pies. This Raspberry was selected (by Oregon Agr.Extension) for 2 crops of large dark-red, firm berries with classic taste & superior quality for eating, canning or freezing & for its disease resistance.

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips

Fertilize in spring just before new growth begins.

Interesting Notes

Does best in evenly moist but well drained soil.

Typical 10-15 Yr. Height
4 Feet
Hardiness Zone
Bloom Color
Full Sun
Additional Notes
BR Rubus Amity ideaus (Amity Red Raspberry)
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